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FAQ: International Downloading Services
Q: What is ""?
A: It is a company in Japan.
We, Arsenothelus (Rebis's dojin circle) permit them to sell
our product officially.
Please don't confuse them with pirating and sharing sites!
DLsite is legal distributor of us.
Q: What method may I use for payments ?
A: You can use credit cards and Paypal.

Q: Are they translated ?
A: No, for now. All texts in files are Japanese.
(Some products have a summary in English)

Q: Then, will they be translated ?
A: We intend to have translation projects in the future.
But now we can't announce any schedules or release dates.

Q: Are they legal ?
A: In Japan, yes.
All files has masks on sex organs, to be legal in Japan.
But if your local laws ban some sexal products, please be careful.

* You may feel some scenes look slightly violent.
Those scenes are perfectly legal in Japan.

* You may concern about age of characters.
In Japan, all of our characters are legal.
We think fictional characters have no real age.
But if you are concerning about "fictional" age of fictional characters,
please regard them as any legal age in your local laws.

Please use any and all of these services on your own responsibility,
under your local laws.